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#17 Accomplishments

Most of us live our lives from accomplishment to accomplishment, going from one achievement to the next with little thought.

I'm here to say it sucks. It sucks because we presume so much of our value and worth from the doing, and miss the whole point of being, living, celebrating, and discovering.

In this episode of Your Favorite You Podcast, I share my ideas of what is wrong with the idea of accomplishments, and what should really be the priority.

"We are human beings. We are not human doings. Being should be the goal, not doing."

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What you'll learn in this episode:

  • Why living your life from accomplishment to accomplishment sucks

  • The one question to ask yourself to go from doing to being

  • How to have gratitude for all the accomplishments you've already achieved

  • A helpful exercise that quickly shifts your goal-oriented mindset

"Quitting is not the solution when you fail. In fact, the only way to truly fail is to quit."

It's time to look at what your brain is doing. Is it asking, "What do I want to do?," when it would be better ask "Who do I want to be?"

There is value in noticing when you are diminishing your accomplishments and questioning why you're doing that.

Since you are sick and tired of doing just for the sake of doing and you do not know how to offload things in your life, the shift starts with all the things wrong about accomplishment.

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