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It doesn't matter if you know who
she is right now or not, I can help
you become her!

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"Picking you as a coach, I really can't thank you enough for all the help that you've given me over the last couple years, and I wouldn't be where I'm at today without you. I have so much more peace and so much more hope I think in my life moving forward that I can be who I want to be and do the things that I want to do." - Nicole P.


How will you know you are becoming your favorite you? 

This will obviously be completely individualized based on what you want for your future.

Some possibilities...

You will stop believing in the myth of perfect. 

You will stop questioning your worth. 


You will stop believing you are “not enough”.

You will stop believing you’re “too much”. 

You will make decisions by learning to trust yourself. 


If you find you’ve made the “wrong decision”, you will pivot without beating yourself up.


You will start being willing to feel your feelings without judging them. 


You will stop trying to solve your problems with food, alcohol, shopping, Netflix etc...

You will learn to work smarter not harder. 


You will value connection with the people you love over being right.


You will start to “let” other people be who they are… even your significant other and your kids (if you have them) 


You will start fewer fights with your partner… you will start fewer fights with your kids…you will yell less… you will enjoy being around yourself more and so will everyone you love.


You’ll start to see the value of saying no to other people in order to say yes to yourself. 


You will realize that investing in yourself - time, money, care – has the highest return on investment possible. 


And, honestly, whatever result you want in your life will become a possibility.

Group coaching program
centered around YOU to focus
on the areas of your life that
might not yet be your favorite.
This group coaching program is for incredible women who want to become their favorite
versions of themselves.

What you'll get out of group coaching

(1) An opportunity to join a group of like-minded women who can become your peers

(2) The ability to identify the areas of your life where you are close to being your favorite you and where you are not so close 

(3) Explore what is in the way of you becoming her and identify the possible paths of progress
Rediscover your most important relationship, 
the one that you have with yourself.

"I finally see that I can create the life I want for myself simply by changing the way I think about things. It sounds so simple but it is life-changing." - Amanda N.

Group Details
Kick off: January 10, 2024
New official kick off: February 14, 2024
Weekly on Wednesday @ 1pm EST
Duration: 6 months, plus bonus calls!
Weekly Zoom Calls
for consistent support while you participate in Your Favorite You.

You'll receive ongoing, dependable support so that you feel loved and held by me and the group as you go out and try new things.

At a minimum, you will have one hour every week where you are guaranteed to spend time attempting to connect with Your Favorite You.
Receive mini-trainings
incorporated into our time together.

At the beginning of some of our zoom calls, I will teach a short lesson on some of the most common topics I see women getting stuck on: people-pleasing, perfectionating, setting healthy boundaries, overworking,
all-or-nothing thinking
-- just to name a few.
Access to our private Facebook community where you have the opportunity to feel seen, feel heard, and included.

You will have the opportunity for  peer support from like-minded women in a safe and authentic space.

You will be able to post your wins and ask for support from me and your peers when you need it. 
Hear from other amazing individuals as I invite a few guest coaches to share their experience and expertise with the group.

These incredible guest coaches will help us all learn more about communication, people-pleasing, sexual desire and pleasure 
-- it is a juicy line up! 

"Knowing that there was no judgment there, like you were in it to hear everything and that you'd done it for yourself, like you're still, I'm sure, in the process of doing it for yourself. So, it's not just about preaching, what I should do, but like walking alongside me and helping me figure out that I had all the answers already, and that your authenticity and openness made me all-in to bring those forward." - Kim O.

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