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Melissa Parsons

Recovering perfectionist, people pleaser, and control enthusiast


When I think back to the person that I was before 2018, I recognize that I've experienced significant personal growth. Why? I committed to changing the way I think, which was a challenging but rewarding process.

My name is Melissa Parsons. For much of my adult life, despite being successful in my career as a pediatrician in Columbus, Ohio for the past 20 years… despite being married now for 25 years and raising two sons with my husband, Jon, and looking like I had it all together on the outside, I was struggling on the inside.


In December 2017, I discovered life coaching through a podcast by Katrina Ubell, M.D. I decided to invest in myself by joining her coaching group as a student. Through this experience, I was introduced to "The Thought Model," developed by Brooke Castillo. Combining my experience as a physician with these coaching tools, I began to approach my life in a new way. For me, at first, it was about weight loss, but over time it was about working on my perfectionism, people-pleasing, and control enthusiasm and learning the skills to experience life in a different way. 

Inspired by my experience, I decided to become a certified life coach through The Life Coach School's Coach Certification Program. I've also invested in additional training, including becoming a certified Advanced Deep Dive Coach  and participating in a trauma certification program.


I now offer a coaching program that incorporates the tools and experience I've gained, along with my natural compassion and humor. If you're ready to invest in your personal growth, I'd be honored to guide you on that path. However, please keep in mind that individual results may vary.*


I also host a podcast called "Your Favorite You," where I share my thoughts on personal development. Listening to the podcast is a great way to get a sense of my coaching style and determine if we might be a good fit to work together.


*Disclaimer: The results described are the author's personal experience and may not be typical. Individual results may vary.

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