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• Do you constantly beat yourself up with the way that you talk to yourself (is your inner mean girl strong???)?

• Do you feel like all you ever do is think about food? You are sitting at breakfast, wondering what’s for lunch, and all of the joy in your life is centered around eating and drinking...

• Do you feel like you are out-of-control because you are trying to control everyone else in your life?

• Does your need to be perfect keep you from trying anything new in your life?

• When is the last time you ever did anything loving for yourself? Are you constantly people-pleasing and forgetting to put yourself in the queue?

• Are you constantly fraught with worry about your decisions as a parent?

• Do you feel like you’ll never be enough—in your career, in your relationships, and for yourself?

• Do you struggle with imposter syndrome, constantly feeling like a fraud or that you’ve duped people into thinking you’re the expert?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I understand! I’ve been there. These questions are the questions I’ve worked through with my coaches. Let me share the good news that there is hope for you. All you need is to invest in yourself! I work with you one-on-one so that I can see and understand all the pieces of your life and all the roadblocks you’re up against. I promise to see you as whole, complete, and amazing (because you are!)—no matter where you are in your journey of life. My job will be to get you to see yourself that way, too. That’s where the real change happens.

Let’s do this! Let’s change your life, for good.
Here's to you becoming Your Favorite You.


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What is it like to work with me?


Amber F.

Working with Melissa is so refreshing.  She manages to thoughtfully, and without judgement, guide you to reframing your thoughts and beliefs about yourself. I often start our sessions feeling like my brain is a jumbled up mess of thoughts and by the time we finish our session, those thoughts feel smoothed out and much more manageable. It’s as though my brain took a deep breath and achieved more clarity.

Holly G.

I have been working with Melissa now for a month and I’m loving the way she gets me to think about various topics in different ways. She is incredibly supportive while at the same time holding you accountable in your goals. I look forward to our weekly chats and the inspiration that she gives me. It’s my first experience with a life coach and so far I am very happy with what I am gaining from it.

Amanda N.

Working with Melissa has been fantastic. I have been surprised to learn how many ingrained thoughts I have and how those thoughts have negatively impacted me for many years. In just the short time that I have been working with Melissa I have seen the positive impact of reframing my thinking in order to produce the actions and results I truly want for myself. I no longer feel limited by my circumstances because I now know that my power comes from learning to control my thoughts and responses to my circumstances. I finally see that I can create the life I want for myself simply by changing the way I think about things. It sounds so simple but it is life-changing. I am so grateful to Melissa for giving me this new way of living!

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