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#06 Magically Help You Love Yourself Just As You Are

Loving yourself just as you are seems impossible when you've lived a life where you are taught to tie your achievements to yourself. Recognize that you have always been lovable and that nothing can change this.

What you do and what you have done for others does not have the power to make you more lovable and it does not have the power to make you less lovable either.

"The more you can adopt the idea that the more you love yourself just as you are, the more you will attract other amazing humans who love themselves just as they are too."

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What You'll Learn:

  • Why loving yourself seems an impossible task because of the way we've been socialized

  • A key to learning to love yourself as you are is to be compassionately honest with yourself

  • We all make mistakes, and once we recognize them, we can find grace

  • How to change your "what if worries" to "even if" scenarios

"Most humans are doing the best they can with the knowledge and the tools available to them at the time. If you believe this for yourself, it becomes so much easier to see it in other people."

There's really nothing magical about doing this work to learn to love yourself just as you are. The magic comes later when you find yourself loving yourself just as you are.

If you want my help to do this work, I would be so honored to help you learn to love yourself just as you are on your way to becoming your favorite you.

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