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#20 Our Favorite Us

This Valentine's Day episode I am joined by a very special guest, my second most-favorite person in the world: my husband Jon.

In this no-holds-barred conversation, we're talking about some of the challenges and personal struggles we've faced in our marriage, as well as some of the things we've learned to help turn things around so that we can really be Our Favorite Us.

It's open, it's honest. And it all started when I first began coaching. The ripple effect coaching has had on my husband and family has been awesome to witness.

"When you're working on something to make it better, like, if you're in the gym, you're trying to get stronger. You're trying to lose weight and you're trying to get more fit. Sometimes it's a little bit tough. And you've got to go through that process to better yourself." - Jon

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What you'll learn in this episode:

  • The work Melissa and Jon have done to become Our Favorite Us

  • Why marriage coaching might be worth the shot if marriage therapy feels unnerving

  • A simple exercise you can start with your own partner to begin re-connecting

  • How being coached changed Melissa's life and had a ripple effect on the rest of the family

  • Why making an investment in yourself is worth all the money in the world

"Before I used to think that there was a right answer and if I didn't get the right answer, I would spend so much time beating myself up for having gotten it wrong." - Melissa

Listen, every marriage goes through hard times. Every one of us faces inner battles that can be difficult to overcome. The ability to learn skills to manage your reactions, stay present, and become comfortable in your own skin are the most valuable things you'll gain from coaching.

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