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#13 Being a Beginner Sucks

Most of us who've mastered a craft, career or a hobby, know that there's a phase of being a beginner that feels so uncomfortable and stressful, and it takes efforting just to get good at it.

Most of us think of learning a new skill as a linear process, and in this episode we explore the concept of the "Learning U," developed by Dr. Kemia Sarraf, an expert on trauma-responsive coaching.

"If it is easy for me to believe I'm in high demand as a pediatrician, I can try on the belief that I'm in high demand as a coach, and that has worked very well for me. Now, I do believe that, and it is true. I am in high demand as a coach."

The doors are open for my coaching 1-1 program! If you’re ready to become your favorite version of you, click here to schedule a conversation to see if working together is a good fit.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to consciously choose stress in order to learn something new

  • Sucking at being a beginner builds courage and resilience

  • How to remind yourself that you're a beginner and that it is going to take practice

  • How to practice again and again until you reach conscious competence

  • Examples that will inspire you to try to be a beginner on purpose

"Find thoughts about yourself that give you a feeling of confidence or certainty in one area of your life, and then try a similar thought that gives you a similar feeling in another area of your life."

I would love to invite you to become a beginner at becoming your favorite you by working with me as your coach. The next step is for you to dive back down that learning U in your relationship with yourself and all the people you care about and that care about you.

I have done tons of work on my relationship with myself. I could have done it all alone, but working with my coaches has been like rocket fuel and a warm balm for my soul at the same time. It is quite an amazing combination for which I'm eternally grateful. I know that I didn't have to do it alone, and neither do you.

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