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Ep #05 feel all your f*cking feelings

One of the keys to having a full life that you're not constantly trying to avoid or not constantly trying to do things to make life more tolerable, is to actually feel ALL your fucking feelings.

Many of us were told at some point in our childhood over and over again that big feelings were to be avoided at all costs. We were hushed when we were too excited, or we were ashamed for feeling sadness, or disappointment, or told whatever we were upset about was not that big of a deal.

This episode digs into why it's important to process your feelings, and how it holds the magical key to our mental and physical well-being.

"If you can look at your big feelings with curiosity and compassion and as an invitation to get to know yourself, it makes it so much easier to do this when others are feeling their big feelings."

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What You'll Learn:

  • Whenever you're feeling big feelings, consider it an invitation to get to know yourself better

  • How to pause and breathe into your feelings and ask questions to help you process them

  • Curiosity and compassion feels so much better than judgement every time

  • That evidence suggests that health issues may be caused by unprocessed emotions

"One of the best parts of feeling my feelings is recognizing that the other humans that I live with and interact with also have feelings that they should be feeling."

Often, all it takes is to have another human being witness you feeling emotions with love and care. It sounds like magic because it is, and I'm inviting you to believe in magic. The magic of coaching. It is one of the keys to becoming your favorite you. Click here to schedule a conversation with me.

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