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#07 Who Are You Living Your Life For?

We only have this one life that we're living right now, and the relationship you have with yourself is the only one that lasts for your entire time here on earth.

No one is coming to save you or force you to make your relationship with yourself better. One of the most fun things that happens when you start living your life for you, is that other people start to learn from your example.

They see you out in the world being a total badass, and they get the idea that the same life may be also possible for them too.

"Anyone who was upset that you started creating boundaries or that you started making decisions that benefits the life that you want to live, they are not your people."

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What You'll Learn:

  • How life gets to be more fun when you're living your life the way you want to

  • Why weeding certain people out of your life is a gift you give yourself

  • How life sucks so much less when you actually start living your life for you

  • How growing up in a funeral home showed me how to live life more fully

  • If we knew we only had 24 hours left, what insignificant things would fall away?

"I no longer say I am sorry when I never did anything wrong in the first place."

I suggest you do the work to figure out what makes you thrilled or at least “nervicited” (half nervous, half excited) to get out of bed in the morning. When you choose to live life for yourself, you realize that is the best choice for everyone you care about.

I have likely lived through more summers than I have left on the earth, and this realization helps me sink in and ask myself what I want for my life, and if I don't have it, what exactly is standing in the way anyway?

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