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#14 This is me with Kim Orr

We have a very special guest again this week, one of my OG clients. Her name is Kim Orr. I have had the pleasure of knowing Kim for many, many years, and by the end of this podcast, you're going to love her as much as I do.

Kim is a wife, mom, nurse, business owner and Yogi on a journey to love herself exactly the way she is, and in this episode she shares the impact coaching with me has had in her life, and how it helped her to figure out that she had all the answers already.

"Life coaching with Melissa Parsons has lead to growth beyond my wildest dreams." -Kim Orr

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What You'll Learn:

  • How Kim embraced her body exactly as it is, curves and all

  • How Kim changed old patterns with powerful new beliefs

  • Being okay not having to please people all the time

  • Why the best gift you can give others is to heal yourself

"Your body changes over time, and the thoughts you have about your body is what gets you to health. I'm not talking about a certain weight or BMI, or how much weight you can lift, or what yoga pose you can get into, but health in your mind." -Kim Orr

You can love yourself just as you are and still want to make changes. Being able to hold those two things is one of the big things that we do in coaching.

Kim, thank you so much for sharing your experience with the listeners because I know that they will hear some of themself in you.

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